Best Autoresponder For StartupsI’m going to share what I believe is the best Autoresponder and CRM for startups.

(and why)

A lot has changed in the autoresponder space in the past couple of years and it’s all good news.

The best part?

You no longer need to spend a fortune to get a good autoresponder and CRM!!!

Here’s what you need to know…

Now Low Budget Startups Can Access Big Business CRM and Autoresponder Tools

When I first got started as an Internet marketer the choices were pretty simple.

The best was Infusionsoft and if you had a minimum of $199US per month to spend on it then that was great.

If that was a bit much for you then Aweber was the way to go for $19 per month.

Aweber had an awesome reputation when it came to email deliverability and still does but after trying it out I just found it very limiting in terms of what I could do with it and customisable features.

If either of these didn’t appeal to you then it was simple, go with MailChimp until you could afford Infusionsoft.

Today There Are Many More Exciting Options To Choose From

What I like most about the current choices that are available is that low budget startups don’t need to start with a compromise solution and migrate once you grow.

You now have options that have low entry price points and you simply upgrade your package as your business grows.

I was with Infusionsoft for about four years and I really loved Infusionsoft. So when I say that I decided to jump ship please don’t take it litely because I was a big fan of Infusionsoft.

Today we are with ActiveCampaign and that’s also who I recommend for our clients. I get asked about this all the time so I put together a very detailed post sharing all the reasons why we moved from Infusionsoft to ActiveCampaign.

In the post you will see I cover LOTS of reasons but in this post I just want to focus on two because I feel like these are the key points for low budget startups.

Low Cost Entry Level Price Points

This is fantastic news. When we started out I would have loved to have used Infusionsoft but I simply couldn’t justify the $199US (which was more than $300AU at the time).

As you will see in my post above I don’t exactly consider ActiveCampaign a compromise solution. In fact, I believe they will be the industry leader within a couple of years and you can get started for as little as $9 per month.


When I did eventually move to Infusionsoft I used it for a number of mini-businesses (or projects) I had to reduce my costs. This was a bit of a pain because Infusionsoft is purposefully designed to only cater for one business.

With ActiveCampaign you can easily add multiple projects under one account but with a $9 entry level price you can easily afford multiple accounts anyway.

Setup Time And Learning Curve

Setup Time And Learning Curve
This is another huge ActiveCampaign selling point for startups.

During the startup phase you have more to do than you can possibly get done and you have more expenses than you can possibly cover.

If you are already juggling tasks and costs then you don’t want your autoresponder to be another thing added to the list that’s either going to take you six months to learn how to use or another outsourcing cost.

The great news is that ActiveCampaign is so easy to use and intuitive that this won’t be a problem for you.

Even if you do decide to outsource the work or bring on a team member to cover it, the cost in doing so is going to be greatly reduced compared to Infusionsoft simply because it’s so much easier to use.

Here’s What To Do Next…

Without knowing your specific circumstances Activecampaign is the strongest recommendation I could make. If however you would like to have a chat about it before committing get in touch and I will be happy to jump on a call with you.

Otherwise, you can dive right in and get started with ActiveCampaign.