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I knew from an early age that I was going to be a business owner. I just didn’t know what business and didn’t know how because school only taught me how to be an employee. The first few years as a business owner was incredibly difficult, I had to completely re-educate myself to think like a business owner.

By December 2010 I was able to leave my oil rig job and pursue my internet business full time.

Since then I have worked with hundreds of businesses helping them develop their online presence and am invited to speak on the topic of internet marketing. Recently I decided to start replacing myself in my marketing company so I could focus on my passion of helping young male entrepreneurs navigate those first few tough years as a new business owner.

Some Key Points:

  • March 2005: Met my first ever business mentor
  • 2005-07: Had the opportunity to be mentored by some of North America’s most successful entrepreneurs
  • June 2010: Built my first website
  • December 2010: Left my job on an oil rig to become a full time internet marketer
  • December 2010: Won a “Cruise Cash” competition in New York against more than 100 other business owners
  • 2014: First speaking engagement on the topic of Video Marketing
  • 2014: Achieved most important life goal of being a stay at home dad when first child Tahlia was born
  • 2016: Earned regular speaking engagement at Entrepreneurs Institute’s iLab in Bali (Founded by world renowned futurist Roger James Hamilton)

Press Release Archive:

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03th June, 2016:
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