The number one excuse people use as to why they can’t travel the world while running a mobile business is because they have kids but it’s simply not true.

The whole reason Razz Marketing even exists is because we set out from the beginning to create a business that could be run from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. We were determined not to be limited by common belief and prove that you can make money while you travel with a mobile business (Even if you have kids).

This limiting belief was born out of a different time in history, changes to technology and what is available in terms of education for kids has changed everything. Almost everyone who hears what we are doing tells us to make the most of it because we won’t be able to do it when our daughter reaches school age. The only reason people think this way is because they aren’t aware of the changes that are happening.

People are fed up with the corporate world and millions of people each year are now leaving their jobs and starting their own mobile businesses. This huge shift will soon change everything about the way society operates.

Before the industrial revolution, less than 10% of people lived in cities, we are about to experience a similar shift and you will begin to hear about the emergence of mobile communities. The only reason people struggle to comprehend what we are doing is because we are among the first to be taking advantage of the new lifestyle that is available.

If you have previously been held back from your desire to travel with a mobile business then you need to consider the following upcoming trends:

  • Mobile communities: The millions of families making this change all face the same limitations and will form groups that will later become mobile communities with meetup locations around the world.
  • Global schools: The evolution of home schooling is to combine existing online school technology with a network of global classrooms so kids have the ability to physically attend class in different cities around the world and even go on excursions with their online classmates.
  • Currently unknown technology: This shift in lifestyle is too big to stop. Any barriers standing in your way of living the global mobile lifestyle will soon be removed by someone who makes it their business to fix the problem.

The secret to running a fully mobile business and making money while you travel is not to listen to people who give you reasons why it can’t be done.

It can be done because there are already people doing it and it’s only going to get easier as new businesses emerge to cater for this rapidly growing market.

Here are a few things that you will need to start considering and researching if you want to start a mobile business or transform your current business into a mobile business:

General Mobile Business Tips:

  • Move all your business files and data into a cloud based solution such as Google Apps.
  • Setup a project management tool such as Asana that allows you to manage your team remotely.
  • Setup an appointment booking app such as Calendly that allows clients and prospects to schedule a phone meeting without worrying about time zones.
  • Setup a 1300 number which allows you to redirect calls to your current location rather than continually updating your business phone number (We have used FYI Telco for many years now and recommend them to all our clients. Their prices are really good and their customer service is even better).
  • If you have a tech based business and need to access client computers you can do so remotely with the help of TeamViewer.
  • Minimise all physical mail by contacting banks, etc. and requesting online statements only.
  • Setup an office location with the following needs considered:
    • Ability to have mail opened, scanned and forwarded (Such as MBE).
    • Call answering service (Such as Virtual Headquarters).
    • Shared office space for an affordable way of providing staff with an office (Such as Wotso WorkSpace).

Working While In Transit Tips:

  • We have found the Microsoft Surface range of computers to be the most well rounded to work on the move.
  • Make sure mouse and keyboard connect via bluetooth to keep as many spare USB ports available as possible (otherwise you will be continually swapping usb cables or reliant on a powered USB hub which and there won’t always be power points available).
  • Working for long periods will cause back pain if you are constantly hunched over looking at a laptop screen. After trialing many options, we found the best approach was to buy a tablet stand that can be screwed onto a table, the arm of an airport chair or anything similar. This allows you to have your screen at eye height and your keyboard at a comfortable height or on your lap.
  • It’s possible to get 2 flat screen monitors (assuming you are travelling with with your spouse or partner) about 21-23 inches and pack then faced inwards wrapped in bubble wrap. This allows you to convert 2 Microsoft Surface tablets into a desktop PC when you arrive at your destination. After a bit of hunting you will be able to find light weight screens at a very affordable price.
  • If you want to be a successful business owner then you will no doubt read lots of personal development books. Very few books these days can’t be purchased in a digital format. You can have an entire bookcase travelling with you and carry it in one hand.

During a recent visit to Australia, world renowned entrepreneur and futurist Roger James Hamilton revealed statistics showing how many people are dissatisfied with the old way of thinking. “There are now more than 100,000,000 new entrepreneurs each year,” said Mr Hamilton.

Serena and I have spent the last six years living in various locations around Australia. It wasn’t easy at first but we have perfected the art of business on the move and now intend to leave Australia to travel the world while continuing business as usual.

Our two year old daughter will be coming with us and we intend to visit four countries over the next eight months and we have open ended plans from that point on so we can be flexible and go wherever we want to go.

If you would like to learn more about creating a mobile business or have questions about how we have have overcome certain obstacles please don’t hesitate to get in touch.