Matt is a dynamic, entertaining and insightful speaker on internet marketing and entrepreneurship. To discuss speaking engagements please complete the form on the contact page.

Matt is regularly invited to speak on the topic of internet marketing and with his nomadic lifestyle, there’s very few places on the globe that Matt wouldn’t be able to attend for a speaking engagement.

“We had the privilege of listening to Matt speak at iLab Incubator in Bali. Given that marketing is one of these fields filled with tall promises and little result, listening to Matt is like a breath of fresh air. With his no-nonsense, grounded and highly knowledgeable approach, he gave tremendous value in a short space of time. We sensed that his approach to marketing is to look at what is out there, ask the question “How can I improve on this?” and then set about to do it. On a follow-up business call we gained even more insights.”

Michele Yeomans & Mala Bridgelal Ram
Living The True Self

If you’d like an example of what to expect when you invite Matt to speak at your event, check out this video, Matt Cinnamond seaking at iLab in Bali. iLab is a training and mentoring program for entrepreneurs hosted by Entrepreneurs Institute and founded by world renowned futurist and social entrepreneur Roger James Hamilton.