Today's Education System Lacks Adaptability

Schools are preparing school leavers for industries that won’t even exist by the time they graduate from university.

The biggest challenge I faced as a school leaver, wanting to start my own business, was spending the next 10 years unlearning what I’d learned at school.

Our schooling system today has seen no major reform since it was created by a group of 10 men in the 19th century – the idea that they could predict the education needs of the millennials is ridiculous!

The current curriculum is producing a generation of students who enter emerging industries completely unprepared.

Worse still, the current grading system means students leave school with a fear of failure and the belief that they can’t take action until they have learned everything on a given topic.

Any successful person will tell you they have failed more times than others have bothered to try.

These limiting beliefs are crippling.

There’s no point developing a new system designed to work today because that might not work tomorrow. The solution lies in our process for implementing change and suggests the following:

  • Model business leaders: Entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson stay ahead of trends by consulting with experts who analyse tech changes and their impact on current and future industries – the research of these analysts should affect change in our schools.
  • Cut the red tape: There’s too many resources spent on bureaucratic red tape – too much time is lost in decision making.
  • Serious change to the grading system: Testing kids on their ability to remember information that can now be found in 10 seconds on Google is a waste of time. Skills such as innovation, problem solving, accountability and developing unique talents is far more valuable.
  • A more self-reliant population: Parents who see holes in our education system can take their kids to weekend seminars run by successful business leaders, seeing a ten-fold return on that time.

These changes are just the tip of the iceberg.

To catch up on where we have fallen behind is going to require a faster moving government than we have ever seen in history.

During a recent visit to Australia, world renowned entrepreneur and futurist Roger James Hamilton shared similar views on the education system and even revealed a list of 12 industries school leavers are entering that won’t even exist 10 years from now.

“The biggest challenge people face is unlearning what they were taught at school,” said Mr Hamilton.

For student’s who have just left school it’s up to you to take your future into your own hands

If you want to start a business, the sad reality is that what you learned at school isn’t going to do much to prepare you. You need to be prepared to completely re-educate yourself.

Here are some suggestions to help you get started…

  1. Look for people who live the life you want to live and model their actions. Go speak to them, tell them what you admire about their lifestyle and you will be surprised how willing people will be to help a young ambitious person. Tell them that you would like to take them out for lunch, lunch is on you and all you want in return is to be able to ask some questions about how they got to where they did. Hopefully you will find that some of these people will become mentors, having mentors will cut years off the time it takes to achieve your goals.
  2. Read as many books as you can about successful people and businesses. This is incredibly important, I can’t stress this enough. Ask any successful person and they will tell you they have a strong reading habit. I recomend that you start by reading the 7 Books That Will Do More To Help You Achieve Your Dreams Than All Your Years At School and then continue with a minimum of one book per month.
  3. Attend personal development seminars, you will find some that are on general success mindset and others that will show you specific business opportunities. Attend both types.
  4. Be wary of business advice from people who don’t run a business (Including well meaning parents and relatives).
  5. Don’t expect support from friends and family, if you have their support it’s a bonus. If most of the people you know have jobs, then chances are they are going to struggle to understand the things you are doing and more often than not will try to convince you to get a job instead.
  6. Avoid being skeptical, you’ll miss too many opportunities.
  7. Surround yourself with likeminded people and look to associate with people who have achieved more than you because they will stretch you.
  8. If you need to have a job to cover expenses while you build your business then do so but be wary of anything that consumes too much of your time or energy.
  9. This one is huge… Don’t waste money buying expensive things that you can’t afford. A car load will set you back years so be sensible when making purchases and seek the advice of someone who can guide you with big purchasing decisions.

I remember what it felt like the week I graduated, I remember thinking I was glad that I had finished my education. The reality was that my education was only just beginning!

If you have any questions or need any help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.